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Estate Planning

Having a comprehensive plan prevents family disputes and ensures that assets are distributed in the manner you intend. Proper planning also protects assets from being depleted by long term care costs during life and from estate taxes after death. Significantly, a proper plan will ensure that minor children are provided for in the event that both parents suffer an untimely passing.

We offer a full range of planning services for estates of all sizes and complexities, including:

Elder Law and Medicaid Planning

Our attorneys assist clients in navigating through various areas affecting seniors, including qualifying for Medicaid to obtain Community Care and/or Nursing Home. In doing so we ensure that our clients assets are protected and that mechanisms are in place so that hard-earned assets are not depleted in an effort to obtain long term care at a facility or in the comfort of their home. The high cost of long term care make it critical for seniors to understand their options and plan accordingly. Once a plan is established and executed, we work with a number of reputable home cares and nursing homes to begin caring for individual.

Charitable Planning

Charitable planning requires technical knowledge of both estate and income tax law as well as an understanding of philanthropic motivation. Properly designed charitable plans can have numerous benefits for your and your family. A charitable plan may enable a donor to direct his or her assets to a favorite charity that would otherwise go to the IRS. Our attorneys are experts in Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts, and Private Foundations.

Special Needs Planning

Planning for adults with special needs and incapacitated individuals in need of a Guardian requires unique skills, sensitivity, and compassion in handling the myriad of family dynamics and wishes. Our firm handles all aspects relating to these matters, including Article 17A Guardianship proceedings, Article 81 proceedings, drafting of Special Needs Trusts/ Supplemental Needs Trusts and advising the family, guardian, and trustee in complying with their fiduciary responsibilities.

Estate and Trust Administration

Following the death of a family member, our attorneys will help you navigate the probate and estate administration process efficiently and as quickly as possible. Our attorneys represent executors and trustees in probate courts all over the State of New York to ensure a seamless and smooth estate administration process. Our attorneys are experienced in assisting executors, administrators and trustees in properly handling their fiduciary responsibilities.

Trust and Estate Litigation

Our trust and estate practice is complimented by our trusts and estates litigation attorneys. Our attorneys have successfully litigated matters in Surrogate’s Court and Supreme Court in all five boroughs. The legal and emotional turmoil in estate and trust litigation can be overwhelming. We represent clients in all aspects of trust and estate litigation including probate, will construction proceedings, fiduciary litigation, trust reformation, accounting proceedings, and elective share proceedings. We aggressively represent heirs and beneficiaries who have standing. As we recognize that the courtroom need not be the sole forum to resolve the matter and are qualified to mediate matters.

*Moskowitz Legal Group is experienced in estate planning in accordance with Halachic Law of wills and inheritance.



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